Sunday, March 26, 2006


It is time for another update on Dad. Overall he has been doing well and recovering quickly. He was able to have all but one tube removed today. But today was not a great day. He had low blood pressure, was anemic and had to have a blood transfusion. But once that was done he was doing much better. I was in to spend some time with him this evening and his attitude is good. He is hoping to do well enough to come home on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, emails, calls, and comments. I have the most awesome friends all over the world! I am definately blessed!


rubyslipperlady said...

We love ya! Hugs to the fam!

Mendy said...

So glad to hear he's progressing. I can't believe Tuesday or Wednesday! That's great!

Keep hanging in there!

Friar Tuck said...

Good to hear things are going better.

Mrs. Webb said...

HI! I can finally get on your blog now. Sorry about the name - I use it for school purposes. I'm glad to know that your dad is doing better. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I'm also praying for all those nieces and nephews on the way - what an exciting time. It's good to hear from you and keep up on your busy and eventful life.