Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Final Day

Wednesday was designated as a shopping and museum day.

After a breakfast at Mr. Donuts (another nostalgic stop) we headed for the department store where I purchased the item that I had looked for off and on for the last seven years... A futon. This isn't as ridiculous as it sounds. A Japanese futon is nothing like it's strange American cousin. A Japanese Futon is a 2-3 inch pillow like bottom cushion and a top comforter-type top. With the help of Ryu (who spent 30 minutes stuffing) I was able to bring home my prized possession in a large duffel bag. My Japanese friends thought I was crazy... but I am quite pleased with my find.

After our shopping adventure, we went downtown Tokyo to the Edo Museum. It was huge and very well done. I really enjoyed learning so much about the Tokyo area and how it became what it is today. Of course, the day we were inside for so many hours, it was a sunny 60 degrees outside. Kim took us to Tokyo station where we met up with my friends Keiko and Noriko for dinner. We had some amazing Italian food and dessert. It was fun to laugh with them over dinner and catch up on Noriko's family and travels. After we said goodbye to Noriko, Keiko took us to a nearby Starbucks for a little coffee. It was a little bitter-sweet to hang out for one last time before our journey home. Then it was back on the train to Kim's one last time.

This photo is of the train station from the top of the Edo Museum... not a particularly great one... but it gives you a good idea of the city.

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rubyslipperlady said...

April is a very long time to wait to see if I get to go there too.

Thank you so much, Carrie for the fun updates!