Saturday, August 12, 2006


This is a fun shot of Joseph in the car seat and Katherine in the swing last night.

Life has been fun around here... all the kids have had colds and Lizzie has now begun potty training... always an adventure.


Adopting Little Sissy said...

Good to hear that you have a great attitude with colds and potty training. Totally an adventure! Joseph is a bundle. Miss ya.

TammyJane said...

Hey Carrie,
Tell Misty that no need to start potty training yet, wait till Lizzie's 12 or so, trust me, the pure pressure will work then. :)
Hat's off to you all...colds, potty training, new babies, WOW!
Makes 2 weddings and buying a car seem like a piece of cake!
Hugs, T.P.