Thursday, August 17, 2006

No Longer Unemployed

Wahoo! I was offered the job at the State Farm Insurance office. Unemployed for only 6 weeks... and only half-heartedly looking for a job for 2 weeks.

I feel like this job was also lined out by God (like so many other events regarding my move). When I bought my car I went in to the local State Farm office, where my sister also goes, to transfer my account. I mentioned on my way out that I now needed to get a job. The agent told me that they were looking for help in their office if I was interested. I told him I would bring by my resume the next day. That was Monday, I took my resume in on Tuesday. I called this Monday to follow up. I had an interview on Tuesday and was offered the job on Thursday. I will go in on Monday to start working on my licensing and other scheduling. It is so cool to see how God works things out.


so-dak girl said...

Yahoo indeed! Who can resist your charm? Of course they hired you!:)

What will your hours be? What are the other office staff like? Do tell us more...

My friend Marsha would call this little story "a kiss from God." :)

carrie said...

I like it...'a kis from God' I will have to remember that one.

I am going in on Monday to work out my hours. So far it is jut two other guys (about my age) in the office... but they want to have 4 people total before too long.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Sister,

Lots of Love


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