Monday, October 16, 2006

College Homecoming

What an interesting thing to return to your alma mater after 10 years of life experience. It is still the place I knew so well in my 4 year residence… and yet it is quite different. Some of the faces and names are the same, but many are gone. And in many ways it is the people that hold my loyalties. The buildings are there with a few additions and updates… very nice updates, I must admit.

But my trip back would not have been so good had it not been for some old friends. My freshman roommate, Jan and her family; my friends Brenda and Clayton and family; my sophomore roommate Robin and her family; and friends Brennon and Kristy Riffle. The people that knew my name and cared about me… they are the reason it was fun. I loved the nostalgia, but catching up with friends was the highlight. Oh, and Sterling won their football game… which was very different than when I attended.

Friday I spent the day wandering around campus and looked up some faculty and staff, Ginger Reed, Dennis Dutton, Kathy Glynn, and Coach Mary. But they were about the only ones around that I knew well enough to stop in to say hello. It was fun to watch the students as so much is still the same, but with new faces. I spent a few hours in the afternoon with my computer in the library (that opened my last semester at SC and I only got to use to finish my senior thesis). Then I headed back to Jan’s house in the country and took a few photos on the way. They weren’t home yet so I sat on the porch and enjoyed the beautiful late afternoon with the cats and a good book. We had another fun evening with the family.

Saturday Jan and the boys and I headed into Sterling for the parade. (Campbell had the wittiest float as usual) And then caught up with Robin and Brenda and families at the Alumni gathering spot where there were inflatable toys for the kids. We toured the new dorms and Cooper’s renovations before heading to Lyons for lunch. We were back for the game at 2 and scanned the stands for the first half for our friends. We finally found them after half time… watching the kids play in the grass by the sidelines. The rest of the game was less about the game and more about visiting. It was such a fun afternoon. Jan and I headed back home and passed the boys on to Kevin. Then we took off for a quick dinner in Hutch before coming back for the musical (which was excellent… also different than when I attended).

All in all it was good to ‘come home’. It is another piece of who I am… much like many of my stops on this journey. They are all snapshots of my journey.
(photos coming soon... I need to download ;-)


rubyslipperlady said...

So, are you saying that the musicals sucked when we were students? (Careful now, I was involved in the theatre!)

carrie said...

well... some weren't quite broadway...