Friday, October 06, 2006

Day 6 (written on Day 7)

Today was my farthest driving so far. I left the ranch at 7:30 am this morning and headed east. And just kept going east on hwy 212. It was an easy road with little traffic and lots of little towns. My favorite town was Gettysburg, South Dakota. The welcome sign said “the town where the battle wasn’t” and at the other end of the town the mileage sign gave Gettysburg, PA 1450 miles. It gave me a good chuckle.

I listened to a book on cd and drove onward only stopping for gas and bathroom breaks. My only pictures were a few as I left the ranch. I was tempted to stop once for a photo but maybe on the way back….

I arrived in Minneapolis a lot earlier than I expected and arrived before my friend Amy at our meeting spot. I only had to wait 15 minutes before she arrived. It was a fun evening of catching up between cleaning her house sitting house because the owners were coming home. We finally got to her apartment near 11:30pm and I was so ready to sleep.

I am so glad I have a day to hang out with her here before I head on down the road. Who knows what today will bring.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty fun to be reading your story as you go. I'm excited for the next chapter. haha.

Where is she going next? Will it be sunny or cloudy? What funny road sign will she see next? What does Amy T. look like?

Yeah, I'm pretty envious Carrie.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, are there going to be any city-scape pictures on this great adventure, or is Carrie a nature lover through and through?

The saga continues...


Anonymous said...

Carrie is a nature lover through and through, even her city pictures have living things in them ;)


ace said...

I love your prairie pictures. Reminds me of living back in ND. As scenery goes, I prefer mountains, but there is something beautiful and peaceful about wide open rolling plains. Enjoy the midwest!


rubyslipperlady said...

Thanks so much for putting up with my last minute cleaning, but I think it was better than getting up the next morning. Have I menioned how much fun it was having you here?

G'burg said...

Thanks for mentioning my favorite town and my favorite town signs -- Gettysburg, SD -- Where the Battle Wasn't!