Sunday, October 22, 2006

Going West

Yes, my return trip has begun. I had wanted to go onto NC to visit my dear friend there, but felt that it was time to go west once again. After a long chat with her on the phone as I drove (yes, I have a hands-free speaker) I felt better about my decision to return west. But it was not an easy one. I had tossed and turned until 3am the night before wrestling with the next step of my journey.

I droved all interstates for the first time on my trip, thus far, driving north from TN, through Illinois, and west to St. Louis. The St. Louis Arch was too tempting to pass by without a short visit. So I guessed my way through down town until I found the parking for the arch. I spent nearly an hour walking around taking photos, watching people, and stretching my legs. It was a very cool stop. As I was there the clouds started moving in making for a dramatic sky. But as I drove the rain began to fall once again. The last two hours of my drive to Jefferson City, MO were in the rain, which wasn’t too bad, as I was focused on a book on cd that I was listening to. I have been saving the books on cd for interstate driving because it can get so boring without little towns to gawk at and fun signs to chuckle at.

I arrived at my college roomie, Lorrie’s house just as it was getting dark. We went out for dinner and started our catching up. We had both driven a lot that day, me from TN and her to and from Kansas City, so we didn’t stay up too long.

Today we got up and readied our selves for church, went to church and out to lunch. On the way home Lorrie drove me around this very cool town, looking at old brick houses and quaint neighborhoods…all very picturesque with their fall leaves and pumpkins on the doorsteps. We went home and changed into warm cozy clothes and headed for the coffee shop where we have been for the last hour catching you up on my life and laughing about one thing or another.

So now, my public, you have been up dated on my great adventure. Tomorrow I am going back to Wichita for a couple of days and then continuing west.


ace said...

Awesome pics of the arch! Great perspective. I imagine Lorrie enjoyed your company on home ground...wasn't your last trip with her to Japan? Blessings on your trip back!


rubyslipperlady said...

How fun! I had an adventure of my own this weekend to Kansas. LOOOOONG hours on the road, but it was good, so so good. Nothing like a good road trip to warm your heart.

Anonymous said...

Wow Carrie, what am I going to daydream about now? You have taken some seriously great pictures on your trip. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.


Mary Emma Allen said...

I discovered your blog and have been enjoying your travels. My family and I have traveled across the U.S. several times and always marvel at our country. One of our goals is to visit Alaska.
Mary Emma

Friar Tuck said...

Looks like you are having fun!

Oh to be able to go on an adventure like you are going on. So awesome!