Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Tribes Mission Training Center, Camdenton, MO

Sunday morning I drove from Sterling to El Dorado to have lunch at Grandma’s with Phil, Cindy, Julie and Grandma. It was fun to chat with them for a little while before I headed to Missouri.

That evening I arrived just in time for Avery’s 3rd birthday party. And appropriately enough, it was a campfire with moose meat and little smokies. Very Keller-esk. After the festivities and the kids went to bed, Jane, her friend Bailey and I sat around the campfire talking. It was so much like many of my Jane and Zach memories, just different location.

The next morning it was raining and proceeded to dump rain all day. I tagged along to class with Zach and Jane. I was playing a bit of catch up, but it was very interesting. They had a discussion to go to so I headed back to their apartment to do some laundry and things. We hung out at the apartment all afternoon because the weather was so wet. Then that evening all of the other pilot wives in the program (8 in all) came over for a baby shower for one of the girls. It was such and interesting evening of conversation. In many was it was a typical girls get together… food, chocolate lots of laughter. But they have been studying so many Biblical things that the conversation would seamlessly deviate to deep Biblical topics and back to labor pains… such a unique passionate group of people. Jane has some very amazing friends to join her on her new adventure. And they all have equally amazing husbands that are friends to Zach. God is taking very good care of them.

Tuesday morning I really wanted to go back to class with them because I wanted to hear the end of the previous day’s discussion. It was excellent. I was really struck by the quality of training that they are receiving. Not only are they studying cross cultural situations, but it is also a condensed seminary course as well. Makes me wish I were staying to study with them.

Jane and I took a walk in the afternoon when the kids were napping and I got to see the campus. It is a very neat place. Then in the evening all of us drove up to Ha Ha Tonka Park. It has castle ruins and an amazing view. The kids all ran around like crazy and loved it. Then we headed home to enjoy an evening of conversation. And I helped Jane set up a blog... ... check it out sometime. When they went to class in the morning I drove off on my next leg.

More on that journey in the next blog…


ace said...

Awesome update Carrie! SO good to hear how the Kellers are doing and how God is richly blessing this chapter in their lives. He who called us IS faithful! I'm glad you had that time with them. They are incredible people!

About the seminary could always go with me next year. :) Blessings on the next leg of your trip!


Marie VW said...

AAAH! How fun! I had instant pulling on my heartstrings when I saw your picture of them... sheesh. I miss them a lot!!

You are having such a great experience with traveling all over! I'm so glad that you are doing it! Love you Carrie!