Thursday, November 06, 2008

6th Picture Tagging

My friend Sarah of the Adventures of the Hashbrowns tagged me a few weeks ago. I am a little embarrassed to say that I forgot about it until just this morning when I was getting caught up on my blog reading. So this is for you, my friend.

For all the randomness... this is my 6th picture in my 6th folder on my internal hard drive. This was from the Missoula farmer's market this summer. They were just so colorful, I had to pull my camera out.

On my external hard drive...
Yes, I actually filled one 250G internal hard drive this summer with only images and had to move to storing some photos on an external hard drive. This photo was taken as part of a class exercise on custom white balance in the first few weeks of the summer.

I am tagging Kim I., Amy T., Joani C. and Amanda M. What is your 6th Picture?

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hashbrowns said...

thank you, dear friend...