Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My First Class

Sunday was a full day. I took family photos of Laila and Phil's clan in the morning. And then in the afternoon I taught my first every photography class.

I was a bit nervous for the class, but I knew I had more than enough material to talk about. And I spent a lot of time researching point and shoot cameras so that I could speak to any camera that came. There were 10 people that came. Mostly my aunt's friends. But I felt like it went well and people learned something. I want to send them an email evaluation form to see if I get some feedback on how I can make it better for next time. I essentially talked for 3 hours and answered questions and helped people figure out their cameras. I went over the basics of exposure, shutter speeds, aperture, and metering, gave them tips on how to take pictures of people, landscapes, and macro. And then the class was over.

I am looking forward to teaching the class again. I hope I have lots of requests for camera classes. Teaching is fun for me and I know people really want to know more about photography.

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rubyslipperlady said...

so did people get to go out and shoot things afterwards or anything? you know i took a class at the Grand Canyon one year by a photo prof who did that every summer. he may have be volunteering though which isn't probably what you're looking for. random thoughts from a gla who's just so excited to be able to see your blog again! yippee!