Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My friend Kim has written several times about her affinity for books. Although I don't think my addiction is quite at her level, it may be close.

I love books. I love being around them. Going to a book store to just wander around and browse is a terrific way to spend time. But a really good book, now that I love. If I stumble across an exceptional story I can devour it in less than a day (depending on the length). There have been many nights that my eyes are so tired that they are watering, but I only had one more chapter to finish.

A really good book satisfies my mind, heart and soul. If I spend money on a book and it turns out to be mediocre then I am disappointed and a bit dissatisfied. But if I spend money on a terrible book, I feel betrayed and cheated. I feel like a book is like a meal.

A really good book is like an amazing meal that lingers as a beautiful memory. A mediocre books is like going to a fast food restaurant, unsatisfying and predictable. And a terrible book is like going to a restaurant and leaving angry that you just spent money on horrible service and food.

This weekend I bought a book. I don't think it will last me the week, but I am enjoying it.

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