Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Old Family Photos

I am spending this week with my grandma. When I arrived yesterday she told me of her project to put together a family cookbook with old family photos in it. It took me about 4 hours on Monday to get her scanner to work and then I only scanned in about 10 before it decided not to work again.

I tried again today and was much more successful. I told Grandma that the grandkids would appreciate the really old photos more than the ones of us when we were grade school. Then things got fun. She started digging out tubs of old photos. She could tell me some of the people in the photos but if she didn't know someone she would just tell me to throw it away. After nearly 5 months of photography school everything in my body screamed, "NOOOOO." I told her I would take anything she didn't want, but we weren't throwing anything away. We even came across negatives that are at least 70 years old. I began dreaming of the photo montages and art I could make with all of these treasures.

My aunt Sandy came later in the afternoon and more old photos came out, and family history papers and old ledgers. She sat on the floor and sifted through things and I scanned and asked questions. She assured me that we weren't throwing anything away as she tried to piece together some family names and photos. It was a fun treasure hunt through our family history. And I managed to scan in 40 images for the cookbook.

I wish I had a really good scanner so that I could have some of these images to work on. Maybe Grandma will let me take a few with me to scan in and work with...

Top photo: Maxine, Robert, Grandad Jim and Larry in 1938

2nd photo: Joy and Cleo

3rd photo: Grandad Jim and Grandam Joy's wedding photo

4th Photo: Grandpa Jim

5th photo: Freddie and Grandma Cherryholmes (I think he looks like my nephew Joe here)

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Very nice sis!!!
Good job.