Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Seeing Old Friends

After the chilly photo shoot, Lorrie and I drove to Kansas City for the night. We met up with another college roommate, Jenia, and college friend, Carrie. Carrie also spent 2 years in Japan just after college with me. These are a few shots of Carrie's family (her husband is Jeremy, Sophia and little Sampras)

Jenia and Carrie left their kids with their husbands for the evening and the four of us had lots of fun catching up on life and hearing about other friends from college. It was truly a girls night with pasta and lots of visiting and laughing.

On Sunday Lorrie and I met her parents for lunch. Then we combed a very large bookstore for nearly an hour before heading home.

I love having friends that I haven't seen in more than 10 years (Jenia) that you can sit down with and feel that only a few months have gone by. What a blessing to see you girls! Thanks for spending the evening with me.

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jeniavanhorn said...

Hi Carrie! I am finally checking your blog! Loved the pictures from our night out as well as Jan and Kevin's. What a beautiful family they have, maybe she reads this too!
I had a great time too, let's try not to let 10 more years go by. It was so much fun catching up and hearing about your life now.
Love you!!