Friday, November 21, 2008


After an unfortunate sequence of events a few weeks ago, Laila needed to take out a fiberglass shower from her master bath. Knowing that I grew up with a mom who took her demolition very seriously, she wanted me to help. I didn't do much more than than take the screws out of the rod and carry out pieces of the fiberglass. But it was fun. Laila had never heard of a sawsall until recently and this was her first experience using one. I think she liked it. After about 3 hours it was cut up in chunks and out of the house, the carpets vacuumed and the evidence of the messy job was gone.

Oh, and Laila soon put on a long sleeve shirt... things got a little ichy.


Sodak Girl said...

Thanks for en-couraging me. I'm not sure I would have had the guts to take this on if you hadn't been backing me up!

Jen said...

hi carrie! how are you friend. we missed a good bunko party this week :( and JANE was there of all people to get slap happy with !!! Miss you.
Love, Jen