Monday, November 03, 2008

Senior Photo Shoot

Yep, I really do like taking senior photos. I know that they can be cliché and over done. But I like teenagers and taking pictures of them. Monday I took Natalie's senior photos and we had so much fun. She was so sweet and beautiful. Her buddy came along and stepped in as my assistant. She was a huge help. The very strong Kansas wind, however, was no help. It did help for this 'fan hair' shot, but mostly it was working against us.

I can't wait to see what Natalie thinks of her images.


Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous photos Carrie!

Sodak Girl said...

I've known Natalie since she was about 6-- I love that girl! Several times in the past year or so, I've told her she could be a model. I see now that I wasn't off the mark at all! Great job, Carrie! Love 'em!