Friday, November 30, 2007

30 Days of Blogging

When my friend, Kim, asked me to join her in blogging the month of November, I knew it wouldn't be easy. In retrospect it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. There were only a handful of days that I sat in front of my computer with a blank screen and blank mind. Most days I discovered my topic while driving around during my daily routine. I like to use my time in my car for thinking and praying.

Tonight, for example, I had some errands to run and notice all of the Christmas trees for sale in all of the parking lots around town. But all the trees look exactly the same. I know that they are trimmed to look like that. My favorite Christmas trees, however, are the ones that are chosen in the woods. I have a great memory of walking through waist deep snow in Alaska a couple of years ago with my buddy, Anita. We selected a beautiful tree in the woods behind our house and brought it home. It had not been trimmed all its life so it was not a perfect cylinder, but it was the perfect tree. Too bad that they don't sell that kind of tree in tree lots.

I have had lots of comments that you, my readers, have enjoyed having something new to read every day. And a couple of you have even said that you are not looking forward to December 1st because you know I won't blog everyday. I am sorry to say that you are right. I don't see myself keeping up this habit. However, I will attempt to blog more often. Thanks for reading.

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Sodak Girl said... is the end of November, isn't it! I hope the old adage about "21 days to establish a habit" is true, and that you won't let too many weeks pass between posts.
Thanks for taking on the challenge--and thanks to Kim for issuing it!