Saturday, November 17, 2007

McCall Rain

Here I am in McCall. A little sleepy and damp, but here. We were expecting snow this weekend but it has been dumping rain like I have never seen in Idaho. I have actually used an umbrella for possibly the second time since leaving Japan nearly 9 years ago. Fortunately I had one stashed in my car.
Here is a fun picture of the only other time I can remember using an umbrella since Japan. This is at my buddy Joani's outdoor Alaskan wedding the summer of 2005. If you are wondering about my facial expression, I am eating and having a conversation with someone to my left. My favorite comment about this picture is from Joani's cousin Teagen who said I looked like a Hummell doll. (I need to find a reason to wear that dress again... it is cute) What a fun day we had.
Anyway, back to today... I slipped away from camp for a little while during free time (instead of taking a nap) to make sure that I keep up with NaBloPoMo. I am sitting in a coffee shop about 10 minutes from camp drinking my Americano with cream. It tastes very good and I may need to get another one before I head back.


Anonymous said...


Is it you in this picture?
I thought it was a photo cut out of a fashion magazine !


Joani said...

I love that dress, too. You do need another reason to wear it! And I love that picture, too! I'm liking your month of blog posts, gives me something to read every day.

sarah said...

I've always loved this picture... it's one of those that beg me to imagine a good story to fit it... my story for your picture is much better than eating and talking to someone to your left... just so you know.


Kim said...

Hi Carrie, I love the pic too! Great umbrella, too! I also slipped away for an hour or so this evening. There is a cheaper hotel with dollar coffee in the "lobby". The Three Muskateers and I had a short rest from parenthood and houseboundedness!