Sunday, November 11, 2007

Christmas Already?!

The day after Halloween I began to see Christmas items in stores. Today I saw Christmas window paintings. There was a fully decorated Christmas tree in the local department store this week. A freind told me that she wrapped Christmas presents last week. Somehow the Christmas season keeps getting longer and longer. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet.

I think that I would rather just have the Christmas season for the month of December. November and December just seems a little on the excessive side. This also means that I need to start perparing for my own Christmas gifts. Not a bad thing, just a big project.

It seems like yesterday was summer. Where did the time go?


Sodak Girl said...

Speaking of Christmas presents...I've been enjoying your photography of the Tetons these last couple of months! You do inspire me!

Kim said...

Will you go to your folks' for Christmas?

rubyslipperlady said...

It's odd to be in the Christmas spirit when it's only 70's or 80's outside and not a lot of Christmas spirit out unless you go shopping. (not having a radio/tv doesn't help). I am however sitting at my desk with earphones on jammin' to FELIZ NAVIDAD one of the all time best Christmas songs EVER!