Monday, November 12, 2007


I started tutoring last winter. This is the first time I have actually used my college degree and teacher certification. Well, technically my teaching certification expired in 98 and was only for secondary education. But I was trained to teach.

I really enjoy tutoring because it is working with kids in one on one situations and dealing with their specific struggles. I have worked with little kindergartners on letter sounds, a second grader who wanted a bigger vocabulary so his head would be bigger, 5th graders learning fractions (defiantly a review for me) Middle schoolers struggling with grades, and high schoolers who preparing for their ACT and SAT scores.

Tonight, for example, I helped a 3rd grader practice subtraction and reading, a 4th grader with improper fractions, and a high school senior struggling to overcome years of remedial classes to improve her ACT scores.

I am defiantly working on skills that I may use in the future. There will always be kids that struggle with learning and you never know when you need a little supplemental income.

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