Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thoughts for Today

It was fun to read everyone's comments about my haircut. But I was looking through some old photos last night and had the realization that I think I have had this haircut before. I wore it curly today and sure enough I could go back 5 years or so and that was the same hair. Not really what I had hoped for, but I suppose that the older you get the more times that you tend to repeat.

Mom and Dad are coming to visit. They arrive tonight and Misty and I were laughing about how much concentrated cleaning can get done when your parents are coming to visit. I am happy to report that their bed has clean sheets and the camper is ready and waiting.

The big news is that I have ordered a new lens for my camera. I am quite excited about the Canon 50mm prime lens. All the research I have done has pointed to prime lenses. This will be my first. I will let you how it goes.

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Ryan Rahn said...

Hey Carrie,

I've been following your blog ever since Laila gave me the address last month. Whatever would I do without RSS. Anyway, it's been fun seeing your pictures and hearing about what goes on in your life.

I recently got the canon 50mm f/1.8. It's a pretty flimsy lens, but not bad for $75. The depth of field is wicked. I think the 1.4 should be a bit beefier, but I haven't had any experience with it. I actually had my eye on the 1.4 quite some time ago, but I don't shoot at 50mm that much and my 17-40 f/4L treats me well. However, I couldn't pass up a fast, cheap, prime, so I went with the 1.8.

I would be interested to know how you like the 1.4. I'm sure you'll love it. Is this the only other lens (besides the kit and the 75-300) that you have or do you have more?

PS: I love the new hair cut. Looks great! :)