Thursday, November 15, 2007

Young Life

Today is officially my one year anniversary working for Young Life Soutwest Idaho. I have learned a lot about Young Life. When I started I didn't know much Young Life, its vision or ministry. The extent of my knowledege was the three sea kayaking trips I took with my youth group kids through Beyond Malibu in British Columbia. I was always impressed with the quality of the trips and the amazing guides. This year has given me a very high respect for YL as a whole. The vision of reaching the kids farthest away from God and doing it in a relational way is awesome. If you don't know much about Young Life, I challenge you to look it up in your area and look at how you might be involved. Young Life is all around the world and in every state so if you don't think it is in your area, you might be surprised.

It has been a good year. Thanks guys.

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