Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Black Friday- the day after Thanksgiving when stores lure shoppers out at the wee hours of the morning to spend money. I believe the extreme hours are because most of the shoppers are not quite awake enough to realize that they really aren't saving that much money.

Misty likes this crazy shopping tradition (ironic because she doesn't like shopping). We were standing in line outside a store at 6am last year and gave up the hunt by 10 without buying a thing. This year we looked at the ads and weren't impressed so we slept in. Really, there are very few items in the world that I want badly enough to loose sleep over. We hit the stores at 7:30 and actually found some bargin Christmas gifts. And there was only one store that we spent 40 mintues in line to pay. The rest were relatively quick purchases. All in all, painless and quite productive. Well, unless you ask Pete who stayed home with the kids. On second thought, don't ask Pete.

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Anonymous said...

I know that Misty does not like getting up early or shopping. I wonder where she gets that. Way to sleep in until 7:30. I think Peter is the hero in this story. Oh yes, he is gone every day to work while Misty is home with the little darlings.
Alaska Mom