Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fast Food Cravings

Tonight I was driving home at 9pm and had a sudden craving for Sonic. I really wanted some hot tater tots. That craving brought back fond memories of college. I had never been to Sonic until college. My roomates took me to the tasty drive in with in the first few days of arriving my freshman year. Whenever school got too stressful we would hop in a car and drive to Sonic for tater tots and cherry Dr Peppers. Those were the days.

I know fast food isn't good for me, but I do have some fond memories associated with some fast food chains. Wendy's, for example, makes me think of Japan. There was a Wendy's in Japan that I could get a nice ice tea and french fries. I also think of Alaska with Wendy's because it was the closest fast food to the office and had a pretty speedy drive through most of the time. After a month in Russia eating some crazy foods, we were able to go to the first McDonalds in Moscow. The burger and fries I got there were heaven. Burger King always makes me think of military bases because nearly all bases in the world have a Burger King and dad is military, after all.

So this is my tribute to the fast food craving that I indulge in every once in awhile.


Kim said...

I will never ever forget that McDonalds in Russia. My mouth salivates just remembering it. The Russian customers dressed in their best to go out to McDonalds, and we showed up in our casual wear. Oops!

My favorite here in Japan is Wendy's. Now, that burger tastes a lot like a home barbecued one - or I haven't been home in way too long.

My favorite in LA was Carl's Jr's. That bacon burger was a good reason for God to send me off somewhere else. My arteries would surely be clogged by now!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
........What is Sonic ??
Sounds good :)


rubyslipperlady said...

Fast food overseas isn't quite the same. I remember the fish burgers in Japan.

What is SONIC? Keiko it's the best fast food EVER! One time in college when I was working as the student union mgr (what a cush job) I stopped by Sonic first and then ate (all by myself) a routh 44 Dr. Pepper, lite on the ice; a foot long chili-cheese dog and a double bacon cheese burger, oh yea, and chili cheese tator tots.

What was I thinking? I loved it and could really go for a Sonic run about now. I used to go often for happy hour as a break from the office and get one for everyone when I was in Alumni at SC.

That was good times!

We didn't have them in MN so I knew the first one you hit on your drive south (Des Moines).