Thursday, November 22, 2007

Family Cooking

This morning Misty and I were cooking the desserts for todays Thanksgiving dinner and this started me thinking about how so many favorite recipes we have are part of our famliy heritage. I love the idea that the food we love is from the same people that influenced our eye color and height. It is a good thing we have our mom to teach us how to cook those type of recipes. There is a lot of 'to taste' and 'about a cup' or 'a little' in theses recipes.

Today's menu included grandma's apple crisp, mom's bisquits, and a great aunt's gingerbread.


Kim said...

Sounds YUMMY! Any recipe posts coming soon?

Sodak Girl said... recipes are great. This year I only called my mom twice--both times about her dressing and my sister Beth once about gravy. I think I finally have Mom's dressing recipe down, although it's been so long since I actually tasted hers, that I'm not at all sure. :) Maybe we'll be home for Thanksgiving next year. That's what my sweetie is thinking...and that's a good thing!